New website for Archis

In close collaboration with Edwin Gardner.
Information-centered Multi-blog for the Archis organisation.
With a history in experimental usage within all its on and offline publications, now Archis is heading in a new direction where its function develops into a platform. This first phase aims at making this new organisational reality visible.
Archis has a rich history when it comes to being on the forefront of developments in graphic and interactive design. References;Mooren / Van der velden, Boom, currently responsible for Volume Magazine, Mattmo, who made the first serious attempt for Archis.org

A Sidepath in the development of the lay-out concept; the 'Design Machine'.

When deciding about font sizes and how they relate to eachother, what kind of parameters will you use? Is it something that can be calculated easily?
To find out how type will scale on a measurable scale, the golden section, musical proportions, rhytm, this 'external lens frame' was created.
When you place a camera with 50mm lens in front of the smaller front rectangle, everything placed in front of it will appear 'flat'. On the Z axis, text with the same size will be smaller through depth.
In the end, it was too difficult to create a usable calculation within the time available. It ended up being a great tool for making spatial typo-animations which I'll be posting here shortly.

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