Oops Interview V1

On your homepage you say your focus is ‘…on graphic and new media design, with an editorial, autonomous, narrative and information based scope in the changing landscape of the media’ This enigmatic quote of Paul Swagerman says enough; or does it? Care to explain?
“As a designer it’s risky to talk of one’s originality without sounding the complete opposite. It's not easy to formulate what your own work is about without using the necessary jargon. Being a designer I'm faced with the fact that we handle and deal with information very differently nowadays than we used to. I get inspiration from taking another close look at whatever it is i'm working on, how it is used now and how that is different to before. Simply put, I look at how we interact with the information and what influences it. Aesthetics or making a 'graphical' statement alone is not that interesting to me. For me, the scenario people go through when they interact with information and their personal ways of dealing with it, is what's important. Like every artist or designer I like to leave my footprint in the sand, but I never forget what the objective is and who the work is for”.

You are a self-proclaimed admirer of the narrative behind design. Does this mean the story always has to fit the Paul Swagerman plot?
“The ability to reflect on what is appropriate but surprising, and what works well, leads to highly functional as well as meaningful designs. Innovation is part of the process not the goal. The aim is to create conjointly, to ensure all parties are fully satisfied with the process as well as the end result.”

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