Maas Architects

Web Site Commission for Maas Architects, a medium sized architecture office in the small village of Lochem, NL. They create architectural objects, which put shortly, are about integrating a volume in its environment, in a functional, historical and subtle sculptural manner.
They deal with light, sight and use authentic materials resulting in quite sober, modern and highly functional buildings.
When working on a site that should represent architectural objects, it becomes a question of how one can get a feeling of what the essential aspects of these buildings really are.
Looking at the average architectural site, they're mainly based on small-scaled photo representations, which are in most cases not much more than a superficial impression. Together with Eloi Koster, we've tried to expand on this in a broader way; the basic concept of the site is that of a frame based on three layers; the final result (photo representation), process (sketches and video interviews) and 3d rendering (representation of volume and composition). The video interviews are particularly interesting; the architects explain the process and ideas within a compact movie, where the viewer feels immersed in the architect's decision process.

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